Summary from the first “Mountaineering Week” event!


After many discussions, organization and preparatory work, the first “Climbing for Everybody” meeting started in Adrspach 25.09.2016. Whit the European Unios’s financial support, nearly ninety delegates from six nations, arrived to the Czech Republic, Teplice – Adrspach to made the first international workshop.
In the following hereinafter , you can read a report, about the most important happenings. This report deals only with the most important points of the project, in particular, what happened in the teams. In the future, we want to communicate also some subjective reports by climbers point of view as well.

The Hungarian Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation delegated 15 people to the event. Our selection process try to cover a broad wide range of the hungarian climbing community. From young people to the great “oldies”, everybody was represented in our team. It was a special joy for us, that in our group represent several disciplines. Even from the indoor climbing area, also came prominent persons.

• Ildikó Kandrács (President of HMSCF/ expert team)
• Claudia Balogh (expert team)
• Noémi Meilinger (climbing team)
• István Kovács (instructor/trainer team)
• Károly Kővágó (expert team
• Ferenc Bubb (instructor/trainer team)
• Patrik Gádoros (instructor/trainer team)
• Béla Bagi (climbing team)
• Dávid Czégel (instructor/trainer team)
• Tamás Farkas (climbing team)
• Dénes Stark (climbing team)
• Viktor Ágoston (climbing team)
• Gergely Torma (expert team)
• Botond Buzgó (expert team)
• Gergő Jármai (projekt coordinator, expert team)

Goal of the project:

Indisputable fact that climbing and sport activities in the mountain area are developing dynamically. Parallel, in all cases appear related problems, difficulties, so answers must be given. This six nations undertooked, to work together and create a professional material, which will help this development.

The project leaders identified previously six specific areas, where progresses are needed.

Expert groups:

1. Infrastructure communication (freerider problem); leader: CZ / expert member Gergő Jármai
2. Attracting and keep youth leader; HU/ expert member Claudia Balogh
3. 3rd generation activities; leader SL/ expert member Károly Kővágó
4. Cooperation with institutions; leader SK/ expert member Gergely Torma
5. International cooperation of clubs; leader IT/ expert member Botond Buzgó
6. State of art methodics for training – including amateur of indoor climbing from public – lecturing on climbing in the nature (sefety, rules, nature preservation); leader HR/ expert member Ildikó Kandrács

During the project, the expert group’s activities are the main priority. Here, our first mountaineering week, the workgroups members acquainted each other, and each country presented the national particularities of all areas. We know that the Hungarian opportunities are limited, because our geographical and natural conditions are not the best. We were surprised, that the neighbor associations are struggling with the same difficulties as we. Of course, there are exceptions, but the old communist areas development was running in the same way. In contrast, the southern countries operate easier the certain areas, but they have other problems, have to be solved. The expert groups were summarized the work week and each team developed its own schedule for the future. Between the two “Mountaineering weeks” each workgroup will be working in the selected areas. The main goals are: analyze the returned data and polish the processes. It will be very interesting to see how we can move forward in the major areas.

Very important thing! This project does not belong exclusively just to the experts members! We will give all the information, knowledge, results and next project steps to our national climbing community.

Our goal: Give tangible knowledge about the project, workgroups and also the process!
Because of this – in the future – every expert will be presenting their own results to our climbing community!

Stay tuned for updates!